Director ChloĆ© Zhao rounds up a diverse, cosmically aligned collection of heroes in the MCU’s latest release, Eternals. The Eternals are a celestially developed alien race who have lived secretly on Earth for over 7,000 years. They were sent to protect humans from an extra-terrestrial enemy called The Deviants. After they accomplish this mission, theyContinue reading “Eternals”

Army of Thieves

Having caught up on the latest episode of Succession, I stumble upon Army of Thieves in Netflix’s top lineup. What comes next is an addictive, eye-catching journey of praise and appreciation, along with a second screen experience. That’s only because I am beside myself with the amazing cinematography opening up on screen, and the brilliantContinue reading “Army of Thieves”

The Forgotten Battle

The Forgotten Battle takes us to the Dutch province of Zeeland in the south Netherlands in September of 1944. Zeeland is occupied by the Germans, and houses many families that have chosen cooperative existence, including the Visser family. Teuntje (Susan Radder) is the daughter of a medical doctor who is assisting the Germans, while sheContinue reading “The Forgotten Battle”


I never read the novel series Dune by Frank Herbert, but I did see the 1984 film version with Sting, and I don’t remember loving it. I imagine the audience this round includes sci-fi fans who have been waiting to “see” this book come to life the right way. And then there’s people like me,Continue reading “Dune”

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

What can I say about The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard? Besides the hard to say title, there is yelling. So much yelling. There are guns, f-bombs, and real bombs, and the same character Ryan Reynolds plays in every movie. He’s just so witty. It goes without saying that my local theater doesn’t have a huge selectionContinue reading “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard”

Our Friend

Not all movies release in theaters, especially this past year. Our Friend is a new release available PVOD (Amazon), that tells the rough and real story originally by journalist Matthew Teague, who wrote about the experience of his wife’s cancer and the blanket of friendship that brought him comfort and strength. When I first sawContinue reading “Our Friend”


Before you grab the kids and head to see Disney’s Cruella, you should know that this is not your typical family-fun, good-natured movie with great moral messaging. Cruella is a bit dark at times. A warning of side effects from “strobe-like” lights opens the movie. They left out the possible incidence of vertigo with theContinue reading “Cruella”