Before you grab the kids and head to see Disney’s Cruella, you should know that this is not your typical family-fun, good-natured movie with great moral messaging. Cruella is a bit dark at times. A warning of side effects from “strobe-like” lights opens the movie. They left out the possible incidence of vertigo with the shaky and overused hand-held camera.

Emma Stone is delightful as Estella, a wanna-be fashion designer with a cunning wit and genius talent. She meets two loyal cohorts that align with skills they’ve developed together to survive their orphaned years together. Along with their cute pups, (no, the cgi isn’t too distracting), they become a family.

Emma Thompson is strikingly perfect as The Baroness. As she welcomes Estella to her dream job, the wavering between heroine and villain begins. We endure an unveiling of Estella’s truth and Cruella’s reason, while empathizing with both.

The absolute best part of this film is the soundtrack! Check it out over on my Spotify spiralpopcorn playlist.

I haven’t been rating movies, however, I’m thinking I may start again soon. Let me know what you think. What would you rate it?

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