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I have been a fan of movies and filmmaking for as long as I can remember. I believe most of us are, and that movies can give us a lot to talk about, and even more to think about. Movies take us places we’ve never been, bring us to other times, and allow us to feel so many different things. These feelings offer connections that bring us together through shared experiences. We might be reminded that we’re all human and become encouraged, educated, and empathetic. My appreciation of film is more than just what I get out of it. I’m not a movie ‘critic,” I’m just enjoying the experience, the art – and sharing my response. I’m showing my appreciation for the writers, the directors, the actors, and the entire creative team every week during my #movietherapy.

While my favorite place to be (besides on set) is in the movie theater, (with a dedicated empty seat beside me), these days I’m back to watching from home every now and again. And they don’t have to be the newest release, or the highest rated movie. There are thousands of movies I haven’t seen. Do you have a favorite I should see? Let me know!

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Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Bullet Train has been busy flooding my feeds with trailers for this highly anticipated action film starring Brad Pitt. So much so, that I think I saw most of the movie before I sat down in the theater. Turns out that’s true. An unlucky assassin named Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is trying to pull back fromContinue reading “Bullet Train”

Marcel the Shell

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Marcel the Shell is pretty much something you’d find in your junk drawer. But oh this mollusk is so much more. From the creative genius of Dean Fleischer-Camp and the adorable voice from Jenny Slate, Marcel delivers heartwarming magic with creative innovations and a positive outlook. Marcel the Shell originally started as a YouTube stopContinue reading “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”



RRR is an epic (and long) adventure film with incredible action, glorious visual effects, miraculous stunts, humor, and dancing! Reflecting on this movie brings back the lyrics from Moulin Rouge: “Spectacular Spectacular, no words in our vernacular can describe this great event; you’ll be dumb with wonderment.“ I have never seen anything like RRR (Rise,Continue reading “RRR”



I’ve been hyped to see Nope since I saw the early trailers months ago. I’m a big fan of Jordan Peele’s previous work, including Get Out (also staring Daniel Kaluuya). Knowing it was shot on IMAX, I splurged to grab the upgraded viewing experience, mostly out of respect to the director. I can’t compare itContinue reading “Nope”


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