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Don't Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling

The drama and controversy surrounding Don’t Worry Darling’s cast and director probably didn’t do this movie any favors. Rumors swirled around a train wreck of a shoot with shouting arguments on set, favoritism, and rifts between cast members. TikTok users fueled the off-the-rails press tour with scandalous commentary about who spit on who, and whoContinue reading “Don’t Worry Darling”

God's Country

God’s Country

When I hear the phrase God’s Country, I lean into an image of an expansive and lush prairie with streams and wildlife and maybe a pretty mountain range in the distance. Instead, this film takes us to a cold, snow-covered small town in Montana. The kind of place you might escape to if you wantedContinue reading “God’s Country”

Gigi and Nate

Gigi and Nate

Gigi and Nate is the story of a young man’s recovery journey as a quadriplegic with the help of Gigi, an adorable capuchin monkey. It’s based on true events and shares how service animals can make a huge impact on healing from life-changing events. Full disclosure, I did work background on this movie, and it’sContinue reading “Gigi and Nate”


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my weekly escape

Movie therapy is a phrase I came up with when I first started a few years ago with a goal to see one movie in theaters each week, by myself. I also called it #52in52, and I did it! My inspiration was my dad, who reserved his Friday mornings for the new releases on the big screen and would text me from the theater with his thoughts on the film, and share the new trailers he saw for what was coming soon. I’m happy to get back at it, for me, for him.

Making this once a week isolation trip has become my sort of “me time,” that ensures I’m taking time out to do something for myself. I do cheat every once in awhile and bring someone along for the fun.


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