A Quiet Place Part II


Take a deep breath now, because it’s going to be hard while watching this one.

Last night we re-watched A Quiet Place so everything would be fresh in my mind when I went to movie therapy today. But let’s get past that often asked question – do I have to see A Quiet Place in order to understand Part II?

No. You will get some smiles out of familiar nods to the first film, but you won’t be left figuring out what’s happening. All of the characters have returned, (you’ll see what I mean), and deliver on the promise of a tension-filled thriller that includes strategy, innovation, and classic jump scares. If you want a refresh of the first one, you can catch A Quiet Place over on Amazon here.

One takeaway (without spoilers) is how weighted a parent’s role is beyond just the protection of their children. Standing in front of your child when something is a threat will not prove as beneficial as giving them their own power and advocating through education, preparation, and belief in their own abilities.

Standing ovation for John Krasinski for inviting us back into theaters with this one.

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