Finding You

I went back to the movies today. I entered with so much hesitancy that I picked the first movie available at open. The popcorn machine wasn’t working. Masks were required (yet I feel lonely in my compliance). I fumbled through ordering snacks trying to find the rhythm that proved therapeutic, and remembered to smile.

Trailers rewarded me with hopes of what’s next – In the Heights, A Quiet Place II…this is happening! And I am here for it. I settle in for a trite – titled remake that nearly everyone will say has been done before.

And they aren’t wrong – the storyline is very familiar. The acting is over-reached (in a movie about acting!); and the scenery is breathtaking. I now want to go to Ireland and find my ancestors and hear their stories. I also want to befriend an older person in a nursing home and read to them or play chess. Other than that, I’m not sharing much with these characters.

But I went back to the movies. That’s enough for now. #movietherapy

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