Drive My Car

I’ll admit I didn’t get through Drive My Car in one sitting. It’s a long, slow-burn movie, and you have to really pay attention to the subtitles. Can’t sit on the computer surfing while you’re watching this one. Hidetoshi Nishijima plays YĆ»suke Kafaku, a theater director who is still coping with his wife’s death andContinue reading “Drive My Car”

House of Gucci

So I go into this expecting that surely a story about the Gucci family will be captivating beyond the fashion and brand recognition of it all. Especially with this cast – I mean the family must have a fabulous creative history, right? And then the first party scene opens with beautiful costumes and a dazzlingContinue reading “House of Gucci”


Late to the game on Spencer, and heard great things. Kristen Stewart has come a long way since Bella Swan and I’m glad she is being recognized for this painfully intense performance as Princess Diana. When we first see her, we realize she is well past the dream carriage wedding we remember so well. InterestinglyContinue reading “Spencer”