RRR is an epic (and long) adventure film with incredible action, glorious visual effects, miraculous stunts, humor, and dancing! Reflecting on this movie brings back the lyrics from Moulin Rouge: “Spectacular Spectacular, no words in our vernacular can describe this great event; you’ll be dumb with wonderment.

I have never seen anything like RRR (Rise, Roar, Revolt). Writer/director S.S. Rajamouli brings us a new level of bro-mance, with a bit of a fictional historical twist. Komaram Bheem (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) and Alluri Raju (Ram Charan) are separately famous rebels in India’s national history. Rajamouli spins this 1920s tale not based on truth, but rather an idealism. What if two extraordinary revolutionaries met and joined forces? It’s a wonder-filled story that negotiates heroism, love, and loyalty during the time of the British colonial rule in India.

The action sequences are packed with jaw-dropping stunts, computer imaging, and close up expressions of Raju and Bheem. So many things happen that are unimaginable – and then, you see it right there on the screen. I’m not just talking about plot points – which are truly outlandish and ripe with humor. It’s the fighting, the gore, the huge scope of action mixed with tons of background actors, and vibrant, colorful scenery. It’s intoxicating and over-the-top inspiring. And don’t forget, there’s a dance number! This is escapist cinema at its most magnificent.

At over three hours long, RRR spins into action immediately and still manages to make you want more when it’s over. I’m usually into movies that break me down in some way – dramas with detailed storylines, something that I can relate to or reflect upon. But when something like this comes along, it inspires me in a totally different way. Bravo to the filmmakers. Don’t let this one get away from you.

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