Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once – that feeling when everything is happening to you all at the same time? When everything is so out of our control we feel almost like victims. Maybe we attribute it to a celestial occasion – a moon wobble or Mercury Retrograde, to try and explain it. But could it be an entire separate universe?

This movie is ridiculous, euphoric, beautiful, and at times just plain crazy. There are scenes that had me laughing out loud, some that made me cringe, and others that made me weep uncontrollably. In fact, I half suspect there might have been some subliminal imaging as I was overcome with so much emotion.

Michelle Yeoh is marvelous as Evelyn. Her face shifts from wonder and fear to strength and permissiveness. Both her and Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) bounce between worlds and roles effortlessly and comically. And – wow, I remember him from Goonies and Indiana Jones. Jamie Lee Curtis is blissfully iconic as Dierda Beaubeirda. I mean, come on with that name! Just excellent.

I definitely saw a snippet of Crazy Rich Asians in one of her other worlds – and probably more references that I didn’t catch. Bringing down the curtain between the actress and the character, adding credibility to the idea of the existence of a multiverse into a real space.

I cry easily. But what happened here was more than just crying. I was struck. Confusion, elation, disgust, and graciousness collided on top of one another like layers of paint. I felt more than I was prepared to feel. And to me, this is Art. Everything Everywhere – all at once. It’s happening and we’re a part of it. We can choose how deep we sink our teeth in, but it’s all here for the tasting. I’m thankful for this experience.

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