2022 Best Picture Nominees

It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to see all of the Best Picture Nominees prior to the Oscars. I was able to do it this year – but I am still missing some of the other categories. The two questions I always have is: Who do I want to win? and Who do I think will win?


Watch to learn, to feel, to reflect on the world around you. From the perspective of a young boy to an old man, and in between. Wisdom and optimism. Always something to see and learn – and how your past shapes you.


I’m so happy this film is being recognized and more people are watching it. It’s more than just a story about a Child of Deaf Adults. Family, connections, letting go and realizing a coda is also ‘a passage that brings a (musical) piece to an end’ sealed the deal. I cried both times I watched this. I hope it wins Best Picture and I think Troy Kotsur will bring also home a well-deserved statue.

Don’t Look Up

Controversial and funny. But there are certainly people who hated this movie. Adam McKay takes risks. Jennifer Lawrence is fabulous. I laughed a lot, but what a weird movie.

Drive My Car

It’s wonderful and intimate and challenges us to trust our own hearts instead of looking at how others might feel. Responsibility in response, yielding to the text. Will probably take home Best International Feature. I don’t think it should be nominated for both categories.


It was big and beautiful but its achievements in sound and cinematography is what’s going to be recognized here.

King Richard

Outstanding performance by Will Smith, he really moved me in one scene in particular. Perseverance and Faith. Feel-good family story. And I’m so pleased that they were all so genuinely happy.

Licorice Pizza

Cute and quirky, might get a writing nod, but does not connect enough people to score Best Picture.

Nightmare Alley

Another one I just couldn’t get behind. Loved Toni Collette in this, but missed the motivation for most of the story.

The Power of The Dog

Probably going to win, which is annoying to me. Mostly because it makes feel stupid for not seeing what others saw in this film. I will give credit to the uncomfortable piano scene, and obvious book report-like imagery. But mostly I was bored.

West Side Story

Wonderful to have a musical nominated for Best Picture. I think Ariana will get Best Supporting Actress for her role. Impressed with Spielberg’s interpretation.

Other films and people that I’m hoping get recognition: The Worst Person in the World for Best Original Screenplay. Andrew Garfield for tick…tick…BOOM! (but that will probably go to Will Smith which I’m ok with). Hopeful cheers for Branagh or Spielberg, I feel they did more for their respective films as directors than who is predicted to win. I guess I’ll go print out my ballot.

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