Doing this one different (SPOILER ALERT – Do not read if you haven’t seen the movie). This is me taking notes while I watch Fresh. I kind of hoped for a second screen chat room during this first virtual Sundance experience, but I haven’t found one. So I’m here taking notes so that I can bounce thoughts off of my computer. (ie: Wish you were here).

So Noa, (Daisy Edgar-Jones) is adorable. Relatable. Datable! So here’s the plot- she’s dating. It’s current times. There are penises being sent via her dating app. There’s almond milk in the fridge. We’re in her corner from the start with the first disaster date. So is her best friend, Mollie who she swaps stories with.

Then we get to the great Steve (Sebastian Stan) date. Meeting in the produce aisle is so “organic.” Sheesh he’s good. Oh – oh he’s Winter Soldier! Moving on – to what appears to be the best date ever with ALL the maraschino cherries! The eye contact! The humor. Genuine connections. He’s a doctor – and oh so humble about it, shaking his head in disbelief for her. Playful up close shots that remind me of encountering someone and noticing things about them. Music is appropriate: tiny, and delicate, like the setting.

Sound and lighting is perfectly intentional. And the close ups continue. Of course he has a Tesla. Yes this guy is too good to be true.

This reminds me of my early twenties. I met people. Now, this was pre-social media. More like Prodigy days – maybe a bit of AOL had started. But sure, there were guys that took me places. I remember helping one guy move in to a new apartment the same weekend I met him. His name was Chris and he had one of those old stoves in the kitchen that heated the unit. I think we painted together.

But I digress…

Anyway I’m enjoying how this is still a nice trip away and we’re not suspecting anything. The music is smooth and delightful, her curiosity optimistic. The only concern is the no cell service, but we’re barely reminded of it. More close ups.

Wait. Did he drug her? SHIT. Remebering this is a horror comedy.

Wait is the movie is just starting? Ok. I dig these opening credits after I’m already invested. Also, psychedelics seem to be a theme in this year’s Sundance picks.

So this guy, Sebastian (Steve), is really a good actor. Even the delivery of “I drugged you” is great. The inflection is spot on. I stan stan. She’s doing good too, I’m scared. Omg take a breath girl, breathe. She’s not breathing. It’s freaking me out.

I’m not sure what he’s saying is real. Then he adds, “Weird shit like that. It’s a thing.” LOL, this is crazy. The music is fun. Nope, nope, nope. Can’t.

Reflections. They are also a thing.

Who has a trypophobia driveway like that? Only a psychopath like Steve, that’s who.

I think I have to stop taking these notes. I’ll just revisit with a quick comment at the end, if I have one, because this is hella revealing.

Coming back to add two of my favorite Mollie quotes: “This fucking guy!” and “Bitches like you are the fucking problem.”

Mollie is my favorite. Everybody needs a Mollie. Have fun watching this one, I did.

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