The Suicide Squad

It’s funny, when I first described my reaction to The Suicide Squad to my husband, I said it was kind of in the same vein as Guardians of the Galaxy. This was before I knew it was the same writer/director, James Gunn. It’s obvious he’s behind this fun, action-packed comedy with a magnetic soundtrack.

The Suicide Squad tagline is “dying to save the world.” It’s the same concept as the 2016 film. Super-villians and criminals assembled together for a covert save-the-world mission. Disobedience falls under the threat of death by director Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), and the execution of the mission brings promise of a reduced sentence.

The opening scene is full of unpredictable, gruesome deaths. Absurd kill shots zoomed in on via a drone-powered highlight reel puts things in perspective quickly. Cue The Jim Carroll band’s “People Who Died,” (with a reminiscent dance off from Tuff Turf). We’re rooting for the bad guys, because they’re good at what they do.

The characters are so fun to watch. Yes, even the walking, talking shark. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) once again shines with psychotic optimism. John Cena is stacked with witty dialogue in his juxtaposed role as Peacemaker. You’ll sink into the eyes of my new favorite: Daniela Melchior, who plays Ratcatcher 2. I am certain Melchior’s Imdb will have a deep list of pre-production slots soon, if it doesn’t already.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ label implies that this collective group of criminals isn’t polluted with thoughts of achieving some greater good. But that’s just not true! They really do want to make the world a better place to serve time in.

Unexpected fun continues throughout the team’s quest with blood-splattered, fast and hilarious action. There is very little tension or build up – it’s all out sarcastic crazy town. The final ridiculous ‘super-boss’ is achingly stupid, but we’re not out of laughs. High fives (and a couple fins) all around.

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