Movie Therapy aka #52in52

About 5 years ago I challenged myself to do this thing where I went to see a movie in theaters once a week, alone. I was inspired by my birthfather who had told me he went to the movies every Friday. It sounded fun (it was), it sounded simple (it wasn’t).

I called it movie therapy and #52in52, and… I actually did it. Every time, without fail, I’d think up someone sitting next to me during the trailers (sometimes my favorite part).

It started out with him, knowing we were seeing the same show that day, but it evolved. People I missed, people I needed to say something to, people who I … just had on my mind. I’d nod to the empty seat next to me, usually smile, (almost cry) and say to myself, ‘here we go.’ I welcomed the distraction, the connection, and the art. 2020 I’m doing it again. For my dad, who passed away this year. And for me, who needs to connect again.

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