Sonic the Hedgehog

Yes, this was an actual choice and yes it was silly. Jim Carrey is outstanding. Product placements weren’t as fun as Wayne’s World made them. Nice to hear kids in the theatre laughing in between bathroom breaks. I don’t know why I did this.

Bad Boys For Life

Proof not every movie is gonna be an award contender, but dang this was fun. I chose it because back 25 years ago (seriously?), this was a go-to movie for me and Traci, so I was feeling sentimental. It was sexy, funny, and dare I say action-packed? Cuz all that. Same characters, and a few new ones to bring us into 2020. Enjoyed. Michael Bay came back for it. And then there’s this guy-Jacob Scipio. Yep.

The Gentlemen

Sometimes I pick a movie just based on the time I arrive, like today – and wow, I was pleasantly surprised! Lots of great one-liners, (there is f*ckery afoot), that got funnier as the movie went on. The characters are detailed and and their depth is offered quickly and with intent. Story was literally told to us, so it was easy to follow along. I was impressed with Hugh Grant only because I’ve never seen him do anything like this. Guy Ritchie, bravo. Except for the non-reflective glasses. Total escape.

JoJo Rabbit

Enthusiastic and thoughtful. Roman Griffin Davis, wow. And Thomasin McKensie! I don’t think I remember the exact moment when I started to question my own learned behavior – but I have memories of people who were there and allowed me to move beyond and trust my own thinking. And the director also did Thor: Ragnorak? What? Yes, open minded is a good approach (and you’re allowed to laugh).

Stay until the fleeting final poem.

Knives Out

I really loved Ana de Armas in this, and didn’t realize she had been in movies I had seen before. So, it was delightful to officially meet her; ie: google… who was that girl?I kept dissecting scenes, looking for clues, which proved fruitless. The dialogue revealed more (this could be a podcast). Classic whodunit with a talented cast that revealed themselves one by one in a tale which was generally forgettable, but at times very clever and funny. I think this is a comedy? I hope so, I laughed.


The phrase “solider on” comes to mind -the need to reach a goal without (a shadow of a) doubt, without (a second) thought. The story was small – but the camera work was incredible… Impatient and determined, with long tracking cuts and intense cinematography. War is hard to watch; I kept catching my breath.

Movie Therapy aka #52in52

About 5 years ago I challenged myself to do this thing where I went to see a movie in theaters once a week, alone. I was inspired by my birthfather who had told me he went to the movies every Friday. It sounded fun (it was), it sounded simple (it wasn’t).

I called it movie therapy and #52in52, and… I actually did it. Every time, without fail, I’d think up someone sitting next to me during the trailers (sometimes my favorite part).

It started out with him, knowing we were seeing the same show that day, but it evolved. People I missed, people I needed to say something to, people who I … just had on my mind. I’d nod to the empty seat next to me, usually smile, (almost cry) and say to myself, ‘here we go.’ I welcomed the distraction, the connection, and the art. 2020 I’m doing it again. For my dad, who passed away this year. And for me, who needs to connect again.