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The Forgotten Battle

The Forgotten Battle

The Forgotten Battle takes us to the Dutch province of Zeeland in the south Netherlands in September of 1944. Zeeland is occupied by the Germans, and houses many families that have chosen cooperative existence, including the Visser family. Teuntje (Susan Radder) is the daughter of a medical doctor who is assisting the Germans, while sheContinue reading “The Forgotten Battle”



I never read the novel series Dune by Frank Herbert, but I did see the 1984 film version with Sting, and I don’t remember loving it. I imagine the audience this round includes sci-fi fans who have been waiting to “see” this book come to life the right way. And then there’s people like me,Continue reading “Dune”


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi is a new origin chronicle that further expands Marvel Cinematic Universe’s diverse hero landscape. Simu Liu is outstanding as Shang-Chi. He brings artful emotion to ordinary scenes, and beautiful martial arts skills in his defensive encounters. Shang-Chi has a believable and intelligent story arc that reaches back through history, providing a foundation to buildContinue reading “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”


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my weekly escape

Movie therapy is a phrase I came up with when I first started a few years ago with a goal to see one movie in theaters each week, by myself. I also called it #52in52, and I did it! My inspiration was my dad, who reserved his Friday mornings for the new releases on the big screen and would text me from the theater with his thoughts on the film, and share the new trailers he saw for what was coming soon. I’m happy to get back at it, for me, for him.

Making this once a week isolation trip has become my sort of “me time,” that ensures I’m taking time out to do something for myself. I do cheat every once in awhile and bring someone along for the fun.


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